About the Noonas

The Certified Noonas are four women who love Asian Entertainment and share their love of said entertainment weekly on their Podcast.

They consist of:

Certified Noonas Logo Visual Guide:
3 o’clock: Jessie 🍷 – 6 o’clock: Amanda 🍵 – 9 o’clock: Natalia 🍶 – 12 o’clock: Sky 🥛

Amanda 🍵

@tearexmama on twitter

Positions: Cuppa Tea, Canadian Line, The Mom, B-Side Queen

Personality: grumpy ahjumma who likes rainbows and butterflies and happy endings

Skills: ability to remember random facts and useless details about everything ever

Jessie 🍷

@wineandakdrama on twitter

Positions: Editor-nim, Box Wine Drinker, American Line

Personality: Quiet 4D who loves the paranormal/crime/thrillers but would give it all up for more legally subbed jdramas.

Skills: Astonishingly terrible at names, can find anything on google, can figure out how any prop was made. 

She also runs her own Personal Blog!


@soju_nights on twitter

Positions: Designer Unnie, Shot of Flavoured Soju, Binge Queen, the Crazy One, Canadian line, Chihuahua Line,

Personality: Forgetful but friendly. Is the sort of person who weird things happen to and she doesn’t quite know why. Chaotic Neutral and bounces from subject to subject, usually in a confusing manner. Always the one to point out which guys can get it. Embodies “But that’s not my business” meme when people are being dramatic

Skills: Fire Segues, Introducing things, coming up with really stupid ideas, making outtake material from her everyday life, saying the dumb thing at the perfect time.

She also also her own website where she showcases her art, and a Kpop/Kdrama themed Shop

Sky 🥛

@Starry_Utopia on twitter

Positions: Manager Maknae, The Rookie, Tall Glass o’ Milk, American Line, Chihuahua Line

Personality: Somewhat extra peacekeeper who likes action scenes and all things adorable. Forever curious and very easily amused. Bazillion tabs always open – both in browser & in brain.

Skills: Lethal gif use, planning & plotting, bad puns, diplomacy, mildly humorous joke cracking.