The Noonas are back again with another month of dramas watched. From Pirates, to amateur detectives, to multiple personalities to murderous teens, they’ve got a show for every sort of drama enjoyer to recommend! Check this week’s episode out to find out what they had playing this month.

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:24 Love Song for Illusion

00:11:35 One Piece

00:23:25 LTNS

00:29:56 Killers Shopping List

00:38:02 Marry My Husband

00:52:09 Our Interpreter

01:04:45 Dead Friend Forever

01:13:30 My Boss

01:22:13 Roundup

01:22:21 Sky

01:37:48 Amanda

01:45:54 Jessie

01:58:50 Natalia

02:06:01 Outro

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By Natalia