It’s time for another episode full of what we’ve been watching, and what we’ve been listening.

Listen to the songs mentioned on our Spotify page, or in this YouTube playlist:

All dramas mentioned in order:

-Sweet Home (kdrama)
-Choosing Spouse Lottery (jdrama)
-My Little Happiness (cdrama)
-Sweet Combat (cdrama)
-She Would Never Know (kdrama)
-Kim’s Convenience (Canadian show)

-Sweet Home (kdrama)
-Alice in Borderland (jdrama)
-Gap Dong (kdrama)
-Uncanny Counter (kdrama)
-Detention (tdrama)
-Memorist (kdrama)
-Midnight Diner (jdrama)
-Cold Case (jdrama)

-Run On (kdrama)
-True Beauty (kdrama)
-Manner of Death (tdrama)
-Gen Y (Thai drama)
-Tonhon Chonlatee (Thai drama)
-Tharn Type season 2 (Thai drama)

-Busted 3 (kvariety)
-Master in the House (kvariety)
-True Beauty (kdrama)
-Uncanny Counter (kdrama)

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:56 What Watching
50:41 What Listening
00:01:25:33 Outro

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By Jessie