It’s here! My first ever album pre-order has arrived and it is everything I hoped for!

The album is DPR IAN’s latest release, Moodswings in this Order. I’ve never pre-ordered music before, but I’ve never met a song by Christian Yu that I didn’t like, so this seemed like a pretty safe bet. And after that Spotify fiasco a few weeks back, I wasn’t taking any chances.

To go with the moodswing theme, the cover is heat reactive like a mood ring. I had a mild panic at first because it wouldn’t change for me. I had left the house for an hour and it got delivered in that time. I guess sitting out in the cold, Canadian weather was a problem for it. Once it got unfrozen though, it worked just fine. Now it starts changing the moment I touch it. It’s so wild!

I can’t believe how ridiculously happy this made me. I was giggling like a goofball as soon as it started to change.

This is what the backside of the case looks like. I turned off the sound since you can’t hear my giggling over the sound of the hairdryer anyway 😆

I haven’t popped it into the cd player yet. I’ve just been streaming it on Spotify while I look at it. My husband thinks I’m nuts. “You bought a cd?” he asked, incredulous. Yes. I bought a cd… and it’s amazing! Just look at the wild inside!

Sadly, there are no photocards or photobooks. No lyrics with liner notes. Yes kids, when I last bought a cd it came with liner notes. It’s too bad that there is not a single photo of the artist anywhere in the package, but it’s fine since the album is a work of art and that’s what Instagram is for 😜

Anyway, I’m headed out to the car to download it into my cd player’s memory there. And then I’m going to move it to the cd player on my laptop where it will likely live for the rest of it’s natural life… or until DPR Cream releases an album 😉

By Amanda