Life has been busy these days, so enjoy this Newsnas episode that was recorded at the beginning of the month filled with old stories. 

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Time Codes:

00:00 Intro
00:47 Enlistments
03:03 Member Changes & Disbandments
10:48 Relationships/Babies
15:50 Actress Han Groo Returns
17:08 Plus & Minus Dating Rumors
19:32 JYPE News: NFTs, A2K
24:51 Jpop Girl Group ASA Girls
27:00 KinnPorsche News: Concert, Writer Controversy, New Historical
31:55 NewJeans
35:25 Holland Hate Crime, HA:TFELT Activism
40:00 Netflix Roundup: Second Seasons. Squid Game Reality, Arthdal Casting Changes, Special Effects Facilities
47:25 KPOP Movies
51:56 Nintendo Benefits
55:14 Korean Actor Castings in English Work
58:27 NFTs
01:00:53 Hong Kong Boy Group Accident
01:04:00 Paramount+ in Korea
01:06:15 SCANDAL Fender Endorsement
01:06:55 Awards
01:08:28 Yu Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Ends
01:10:25 OCN
01:13:36 Remakes Roundup
01:16:32 Outro

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By Jessie