This week three of the Noonas have been busy, one has been watching all the dramas to make up for it.

Join us on Discord and tell us what you’ve been watching.  

KinnPorsche Live:

Marriage contract live:

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro
01:59 Love Like the Galaxy (cdrama)
08:00 Black Dog (kdrama)
18:24 Unforgotten Life (Thai drama)
25:22 School Tales the Series (Thai drama)
28:35 Alice the Final Weapon (kdrama)
34:42 KinnPorsche (Thai drama)
41:33 If You Wish Upon Me (kdrama)
52:31 Barrack O’Karma (Hong Kong drama)
01:03:23 Jinxed At First (kdrama)
01:12:01 Love Between Fairy and Devil (cdrama)
01:17:58 Who’s By Your Side (tdrama)
01:24:46 Natalia Wrap Up: Today’s Webtoon (kdrama), Love Mechanics (Thai drama), Perfect and Casual (cdrama), My Secret Love (cdrama), Love in the Air (Thai drama),Oh My Sunshine Night (Thai drama)
01:34:43 Outro

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By Jessie