Jessie, Natalia and Sky get together to discuss a shared obsession: the Japanese Drama “Full Time Wife Escapist” (on Viki and Netflix) and their love of green flag men, flouting marriage expectations, and extreme equality. Will you be tempted to watch this asian drama as well? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:06 Who what and where is this drama?

00:03:22 Sky talks about the reality of marriage

00:05:55 Finally we tell you what the show is about

00:13:21 Meet the Cast of Characters

00:23:16 The not quite Utopian Ideals

00:26:42 Natalia Nitpicks for a moment

00:29:23 Sky’s Dog changes the subject to Relationship Renegotiations

00:31:45 Natalia sees an unfortunate comment about marriage

00:40:15 A Marriage based on Mutual Respect and Discussion rather than Affection

00:45:01 Renegotiations

00:47:56 Would Momma Jo Approve?

00:48:36 The Dogs Enter the Chat

00:49:14 There’s a Movie Too!

00:55:35 Do a Lil Dance

00:56:13 The Television Riff

00:57:16 Interlude with the Chihuahua Again

00:57:59 Final Thoughts

01:08:05 Outro

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By Natalia