With the Noonas realizing they’d forgotten that May has 5 Mondays, Jessie and Natalia scrambled to find something for that elusive forgotten episode, and decided with Project Wolf Hunting coming to Screambox this was the perfect time to watch and review this blood-soaked cinematic experience. Did they enjoy the slash-em-up as much as they suspected they might? Were they surprised by anything in this Korean Horror film? listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:18 Is there such a thing as too much blood?

00:01:13 The Reason why we’re doing this episode

00:03:24 How Much Blood can you Fit onto a Screen at one Time?

00:04:39 The Spoilers and Warnings

00:06:01 Getting into the Meat of the Movie

00:10:37 The REAL Plot

00:16:25 He’s in this?

00:18:38 Setting Up for a Sequel

00:22:10 Slashibly Over the Top

00:27:20 Don’t just Watch for the Actors

00:29:23 The Disservice of the Marketing

00:32:32 The Fun of it All

00:36:32 Every Face You’ve Seen

00:37:39 It’s just For Fun

00:44:10 It’s Okay if it’s not for you

00:49:05 The Final Thoughts

00:50:29 Outro

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By Natalia