The Noonas decide to check in with each other and see how their year in Asian Entertainment fandom is going. How many dramas have they seen? Have they discovered any new obsessions lately they want to share? And what do they think the best drama they’ve watched so far this year has been? Listen in to see them expose their secret fandom lives!

Time Code

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:40 We Aren’t Mathematicians

00:05:35 Noonas in Numbers

00:12:20 People, Natalia has seen Semantic Error

00:13:53 Have we changed as People?

00:23:50 12 for 12 Challenge Update

00:35:01 We have some New Eras, as the Kids Say

01:02:04 New Musical Obsessions

01:13:36 Our Fav Dramas so far

Honourable Mentions:

Top Picks:

01:23:27 Outro

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By Natalia