The Noonas are back after a week off with everyone’s favourite episode: What We’re Watching, where they chat about the Asian Dramas that pulled their eyes and hearts in the month of April. Are there any you might want to check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:17 Call it Love (Disney+, Hulu)

00:09:20 Till the End of the Moon (Viki, Youtube)

00:16:40 Otonari Ni Ginga

00:25:41 Animals (Viki)

00:35:44 Taxi Driver 2 (Kocowa)

00:43:01 Falling into your Smile (Netflix, Viki)

00:54:02 Atom no Ko (Disney+)

01:04:26 Hold my Hand at Twilight (Viki)

01:14:22 Unintentional Love Story (IQIYI)

01:28:33 A Boss and a Babe (Youtube)

01:36:04 The Real has Come (Kocowa, Viki)

01:46:04 Nothing but You (Viki)

01:53:23 Rapid Fire Round

02:05:05 Outro

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By Natalia