The Noonas get together to discuss the Japanese Netflix Drama First Love, based on Utada’s songs. Listen in to find out if the bittersweet story hit the right notes for them, and whether they think it’s a show they can recommend.

Time Code

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:01 Time Jumps Ahead

00:09:03 A wild Synopsis appears

00:13:27 Natalia Has Matronly beef

00:20:40 A Bittersweet Melodrama has entered the chat

00:22:25 Parents that ain’t it

00:26:19 Believe in your Dreams and your Kids’ Dreams

00:30:10 Inclusion

00:32:32 The Use of Colour

00:33:31 Cresting the Plot Hill

00:37:12 First Meetings Again

00:38:26 Rose Coloured glasses hide Red Flags

00:43:07 The Romantic Time Capsule of Plot Advancement

00:46:50 The Iceland Connection

00:47:51 The Unionized Brotherhood of Taxi Drivers

00:49:58 The Yolo of Youth, The Fate of the Aged

00:53:20 Positivity in Adversity

00:55:12 The Ratings Come Out

01:09:29 Outro

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By Natalia