Natalia and Jessie are back with another drama that they knew the others wouldn’t vibe with, Netflix’s revenge Kdrama The Glory. They talk about what they liked about it, what made them give a lil side eye to it, and who they think might like it. Listen in to see what they had to say about this wildly popular Asian drama. Be Warned, Spoilers Ahoy!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:38 Content Warnings & Netflix Shenanigans

00:05:49 The Watching Experience

00:07:04 The Spoilers Begin

00:07:26 Jessie’s Lil Mixup

00:09:52 The One Problem with Revenge Dramas in General

00:12:09 Finally the Plot

00:17:02 When a plan has too many moving parts

00:18:24 The Game of Go

00:19:27 The Setup of Revenge- Teacher Edition

00:25:16 A Second Misdirection- Child Edition

00:28:05 Natalia has a Qualm- Doctor Edition

00:35:41 The Parade of Incredible Acting Continues

00:43:44 The Screenwriter’s CV

00:45:36 We’ve heard of this man before

00:46:28 Giving a Number

00:48:31 How to Recommend a Drama

00:52:36 The Mix of Style

00:53:42 The Momma Jo test

00:54:22 Who will like this Drama?

00:56:03 The Actor Shuffle for new Watchers

00:58:50 The Heartless City Chokehold

01:01:37 Getting back on Track (sort of)

01:03:04 Outro

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By Natalia