Your favourite correspondents the Newsnas are back with a slight selection of Asian Entertainment news served chaotically. Listen to find out what entertainment news they were intrigued by and maybe some you haven’t heard about yet! 

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:49 Military Updates

00:06:10 Romance Updates

00:10:11 Kpop Group Changes

00:11:56 US overtakes China in KPOP Sales

00:15:09 Truckgate continues

00:22:19 China micromanages TV some more

00:27:00 Chuu gets a new fandom setup

00:30:21 Jessie’s 2pm Corner

00:36:16 Baekhyun the CEO

00:42:23 Streaming Services being internationally Shady

00:49:33 Blue Dragon Award Winners

00:51:45 a New Name for a New Group*

00:55:54 Alexa the Voice Actor

00:58:08 Shinjiro Atae Comes Out

01:02:03 New Jeans X Levis

01:05:59 Outro

*The second group we talked about is actually ATBO not ABTO. Our Apologies!

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By Natalia