The Noonas get together for a chill episode to discuss the BL dramas they’ve been enjoying this year. What MM Asian dramas have they had their eyes on recently, and which ones do they think you should check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:16 Inside of you are Two ✨Gay✨ Wolves (Semantic Error, Don’t Say No, The Eighth Sense, Unforgotten Night)

00:14:07 BL in the Kitchen (Our Dining Table, Zenra Meshi)

00:19:37 Cuteness Aggression (Love Tractor)

00:29:30 Go to Therapy (Bed Friend, Tokyo in April Is…)

00:39:07 Gay 4 Ghost (Low Frequency)

00:43:22 The Realism is Real (Moonlight Chicken)

00:47:01 A Time Honoured Tradition (Wedding Plan, We are Gamily)

00:54:35 Stopping off in Korea (Our Dating Sim, Unintentional Love Story)

01:04:27 Go to Therapy 2.0 (My Beautiful Man, My Beautiful Man 2)

01:08:28 Natalia Continues to make her obsession everyone’s problem (Cutie Pie 2 You)

01:13:44 A Bias turns to the Dark Side (Happy Merry Ending)

01:18:11 Satirically Enjoyable (A man who defies the world of BL, A man who defies the world of BL 2)

01:21:39: Outro

Certified Boys Love Episode

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By Natalia