As two longtime Go Kyung Pyo Fans, Amanda and Natalia got together to discuss the first two episodes of his new Netflix K-Drama “Frankly Speaking.” What did they think of the new RomCom offering? Are they going to keep watching it? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:18 Frankly Speaking
00:08:28 First Positive Points
00:11:54 Being Surprised
00:15:35 An almost broken Family
00:18:04 Comedic Vibes
00:20:35 Loneliness
00:22:54 A Lead of Character
00:25:33 We Were Surprised
00:28:27 A Hard Working Lady
00:31:13 Genuine Enjoyment
00:34:31 Very Early Predictions
00:41:36 We’re Buying what He’s selling
00:45:59 Women Behind the Camera
00:47:24 Names
00:51:58 Outro

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By Natalia

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