This week we’re back with the genre jar, and on theme for the month. We put out a poll and you voted that we should be talking about surprise serial killers. Sometimes, dramas like to take you on an unexpected death route that you were not expecting. We also catch you up on our watches, and share about some of the spooky shows we are going to be watching in honor of the month.

Because these tend to be a bit more on the spoilery side, check below in the time codes to avoid a show you don’t want to hear about.

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Time Codes

1:30 What watching

52:31 Spooky season

58:44 Surprise serial killers

Amanda 1:00:06 Million Yen Women

Jessie 1:06:29 Oh My Ghostess

Natalia 1:12:45 Suspicious Partner

Sky 1:21:54 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

By Natalia