Bonus episode on what we’re watching this month!

Time codes and lists of dramas mentioned below

Make sure to listen to our previous Summer Horror episode since we watched a lot of shows specific to that

:00 Intro

:40 Amanda 

-Two Fathers (kdrama)
-Romance of Tiger and Rose (cdrama)
-Hook (Thai drama)
-Hello Stranger (Filipino drama)
-Game Boys (Filipino drama)
-It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (kdrama)

8:30 Jessie

-It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (kdrama)
-Shall We Fall in Love (cdrama)
-Dream High (kdrama)
-Under the Miracle Cherry Tree (jdrama)
-Stranger (kdrama)
-Train (kdrama)
-Confession (kdrama)
-The Game Towards Zero (kdrama)

14:32 Natalia

-King Eternal Monarch rewatch (kdrama)
-Mom Has An Affair (kdrama)
-Find Me in Your Memory (kdrama)

23:47 Sky

-What is Love (kdrama)
-To All the Guys Who Love Me (kdrama)
-Flower of Evil (kdrama)
-Into the Ring (kdrama)
-It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (kdrama)
-Hospital Playlist (kdrama)
-Master in the House (kvariety)
-Favorite Entertainment (kvariety)

38:43 Outro

By Jessie