Korea’s favorite summer pastime to cool down is to be scared, and we’ve decided to dive in and celebrate by watching all the horror we could possibly fit into our schedules.

Between all of us we watched a lot of dramas, so check below for all of the titles we mentioned. While for the most part we kept things spoiler free, we got excited talking about Strangers From Hell, time code is below to avoid it.

A My Drama List list of all our favorites can be found here.

Check out kbae’s podcast where you can find their episodes on both Kingdom seasons here.

All the titles we mentioned, in order:
-Whispering Corridors (Korean movie)
-Train to Busan (Korean movie)
-Oh My Ghost (Thai movie)
-A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean movie)
-The Uninvited (American remake)
-Hometown Legends (kdrama)
-Metamorphosis (Korean movie)
-Divine Fury (Korean movie)
-Svaha the Six Finger (Korean movie)
-Kakegurui (anime)
-Serial Experiments Lain (anime)
-Death Note (anime)
-Under the Black Moonlight (kdrama)
-Achiara’s Secret (kdrama)
-Soul – titled Possessed on Viki/Kocowa (kdrama)
-Kingdom (kdrama)
-#Alive (Korean movie)
-Train to Busan (Korean movie)
-Nightwatchman’s Journal (kdrama)
-Possessed (kdrama)
-Ju-On: Noroi no le (jdrama)
-Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou – Ghost Theater spin off series (jdrama)
-Tokyo Vampire Hotel (jdrama)
-Strangers From Hell (jdrama)
-Battle Royale (Japanese movie)

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:53 Why Summer Horror
06:34 Personal horror
15:17 What we watched/recommendations
55:38:11 Strangers From Hell talk
1:06:51 Final thoughts and wrap up
1:19:36 Outro

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By Jessie