We can’t believe the month is already over and we’re already going into September (what??). Things were a little quiet over on the Patreon, but here’s some of the things you missed if you aren’t a family member.


-Blair Witch and 3D Movies. We went on a detour during our Kingdom episode and started talking about the horror film, Blair Witch, and how it made some of us sick (spoiler alert: it’s not because of the horror).

-Jellyfish Situation. A cut clip from our latest episode about dramas and beaches where we recount our days on the beach and the encounters we…encounter.


The Found Family movie night of the month was the rescheduled The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi and we had a fun time until we joked some plots into existence. If you want to join us for September’s movie night, it’s included in our lowest tier on Patreon.

Thanks again for everyone who supports us over on Patreon. It really means a lot and we have a lot more in store for the future. And if you are reading this and can’t support us over there, don’t worry. We appreciate you just checking out the podcast and listening to us talk.

By Jessie