This week we are celebrating the last few weeks of summer by taking a lovely listener suggestion and talking about the beach and how it is tied to dramas. We talk about the dramas with pivotal scenes, why we think beach scenes are important as a plot device – all of which spirals into Natalia professing her love for the “missed the last ferry/bus” trope.

Let us know: are you a beach person or a mountain person?

*Correction I (Jessie) said Hyungwon was the winner, when it was Kihyun the chicken lover. Forgive me, I’m old.

The Cosmo 7 Korean Beaches article can be found here.

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Dramas mentioned (all can be found on our MDL list here):


-While You Were Sleeping (kdrama)

-True Beauty (kdrama)

-Hotel Del Luna (kdrama)

-It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (kdrama)

-King Eternal Monarch (kdrama)

-Warm and Cozy (kdrama)

-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (kdrama)

-Doom At You Service (kdrama)

-2 Moons (Thai drama)

-Until We Meet Again (Thai drama)

-Are You Human Too (kdrama)

-Midnight (Korean movie)

-Boys Over Flowers (kdrama)

-Playful Kiss (kdrama)

-Top Star Yoo Baek (kdrama)

-Uncontrollably Fond (kdrama)

-Mr Sunshine (kdrama)

-Master in the House (Korean variety)

-Monsta X-Ray (Korean variety)

-When I See You Again (tdrama)

-Bromance (tdrama)

-What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (kdrama)

-Because This Is My First Life (kdrama)

-Come and Hug Me (kdrama)

-My First First Love (kdrama)

-Secret Life of My Secretary (kdrama)

-Tale of Nine Tailed (kdrama)

-Legend of the Blue Sea (kdrama)

-Hometown Cha Cha Cha (kdrama)

-Coffee Prince (kdrama)

-Something in the Rain (kdrama)

-My Secret Romance (kdrama)

Past episodes mentioned:

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Time Codes:

00:00 Intro and news update

04:00 How beaches used

07:08 Our beach lives

14:30 Beach scenes

38:58 Beaches vs Mountains

46:07 Bingo creation

58:51 Summer songs

01:02:39 Outro

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By Jessie