It’s been a rough year and a half and so we decided that this week we would discuss healing dramas: what makes one, what we define them as, and our personal favorites.

*Note: there is a portion of our discussion that mentions suicide. If you need to skipm the time codes is 10:02-11:22

The kdramas that are leaving Netflix by the end of the month are: Chicago Typewriter, Cheese in the Trap, Let’s Eat 1 & 2, Oh My Ghost, Reply ’97, ’94, ’88, Tunnel, and Bad Guys. I (Jessie) haven’t looked at any other dramas, so there might be more from other countries.

Dramas we mentioned during the episode. Find the full list on MDL here.

-Something in the Rain (kdrama)

-When the Weather is Fine (kdrama)

-Your House Helper (kdrama)

-Ingredients (thdrama)

-Misaeng (kdrama)

-Radiant Office (kdrama)

-My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

-Penthouse (kdrama)

-Sweet Home (kdrama)

-Extraordinary You (kdrama)

-It’s Okay That’s Love (kdrama)

-Beauty Inside (kdrama)

-Move to Heaven (kdrama)

-Train to Busan (kmovie)

-Because This Is My First Life (kdrama)

Our top picks:


-30 But 17 aka Still 17 (kdrama)

-Hospital Playlist (kdrama)


-Move to Heaven (kdrama)

-The Untamed (cdrama)


-Just Between Lovers (kdrama)

-In Time With You (jdrama)


-My Mister (kdrama)

-Journey Across the Night (cdrama)

Past episodes mentioned:

-Certified Slice of Life

-Certified Twelve Nights

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

01:14 Defining a healing drama

07:49 Our definition

10:02 TW: Suicide talk

11:22 Healing connection to specific viewers

28:13 Not your healing

33:20 Our personal ideal healing evening

48:15 Our favorites 

48:33 Sky’s picks

53:14 Natalia’s picks

01:00:36 Jessie’s picks

01:09:21 Amanda’s picks

01:14:19 Outro

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By Jessie