In honor of Easter we decided to do a laid back episode to celebrate. Listen as we talk about dramas and music with bunnies and Alice in Wonderland concepts, cast a Korean version of Alice in Wonderland, and play some Madlibs.

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Dramas Mentioned:

-King Eternal Monarch (kdrama)
-Alice in Borderland (jdrama)
-Alice (kdrama)
-Alice: Boy From Wonderland (kmovie)
-Ultimate Weapon Alice (kdrama – not out)
-Boys Over Flowers (kdrama)
-I’m Not a Robot (kdrama)

Music Mentioned: 

-VICTON (fanclub is themed Alice)
-Pink ‘Fantasy’
-Billlie ‘GingaMingaYo’ (‘The Strange World’)
-IU ‘Twenty-Three’
-2PM’s ‘My House’
-ELRIS ‘Summer Dream’
-Tea Party (Imitation web drama)
-Boyfriend ‘Bounce’
-PERC%NT (ft Sunmi) ‘Rabbit Hole’
-EXO ‘Monster’
-Weki Meki ‘Cool’
-Big Bang ‘Still Life’
-Jackson ‘Blow’

For a convenient playlist of all the songs we mentioned (plus some extras that didn’t make it to our memory when recording) check out our Alice in Wonderland & Long Tables playlist:

The 2 Idiots YouTube channel can be found here.

Past episodes/videos mentioned:

Noonas 101: Animals
Album Unboxings (Wonho section starts ~1:39:03)

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro
02:10 Alice in Wonderland as a theme in dramas
15:54 Alice in Wonderland in kpop
25:39 Long tables/The Tea Party and AIW aesthetics in entertainment
32:14 Alice in Wonderland Casting
54:11 Madlibs
01:02:18 Outro

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By Jessie