Sky, Amanda, and Natalia get together to discuss the first episode of the new BL airing on IQIYI- Between Us. It’s a sequel (sort of? parallellell?) of the 2019 Drama “Until We Meet Again.” Natalia? a Mega fan of Until We Meet Again. Amanda? Has seen it and liked it. Sky? Has never seen Until We Meet again. So with these three perspectives, they discuss the first episode of this new perspective on a previously told story. 

Did they enjoy it? Are they going to continue watching it? Listen to find out! 

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:35 The Fluke Pipeline

07: 56 Between Us Chat

01:14:39 Behind the Scenes

01:26:58 Stream Service Shenanigans

01:35:25 Between us Conclusions

01:39:07 Outro

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By Natalia