Jessie, Natalia and Sky get together to discuss the korean drama Glitch. Did they enjoy the roller coaster of a ride this drama took them on? Listen to this very spoiler warning filled episode to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:48 A Question for the World

00:01:25 Intro to Talking about Glitch (Spoiler Warning)

00:04:05 Trigger Warnings

00:05:46 Glitch Chat Commence

00:16:58 Natalia Waxes poetic about a big strong man

00:20:23 Back to Glitch (LOTS of spoilers)

00:39:05 Cult stuff but also Real Stuff

00:45:00 Friendship on Point

00:49:27 Anti Romantics

00:54:22 Family Issues

00:55:40 Go to Therapy (Brief Year End Medley Sidebar)

00:58:35 Who is this Drama for Anyway?

01:13:19 Outro

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By Natalia