The Noonas are all together yet again to talk about what they’ve been watching in the new year, travelling through countries and genres as they watch a variety of shows. Are there some asian dramas you might want to watch for yourself? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:53 Meet Yourself (Viki, Youtube)

00:11:02 Blinded Kiss (Viki)

00:18:55 Hit the Spot (Viki)

00:23:30 The 3Bs you Shouldn’t Date (Viki)

00:30:54 Glove (Tubi)

00:38:25 Dating in the Kitchen (Viki)

00:46:15 Mrs. Cop (Viki, Kocowa)

00:53:38 The New Employee (Viki)

01:00:53 Roundup:

01:21:00 Outro

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By Natalia