For Jessie’s Birthday the ladies get together to learn about and gush over one of Jessie’s long time favourite artists: Japanese Singer Hikaru Utada. Join them to learn about their life, their music, and how much the ladies have come to love them!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:45 A Background to Utada

00:08:08 The Struggle of the Early 2000’s Japanese Music Fan

00:12:43 Utada’s Rise to Fame

00:14:22 Utada’s Coming Out

00:21:33 Spotify Struggling with Japanese Names

00:24:22 A Pivot to Utada’s Musical Style

00:33:05 Kingdom Hearts

00:36:32 The Selling Points and Influence

00:40:35 Netflix Concerts to Enjoy

00:43:11 Speaking to Character

00:49:02 First Encounters

00:50:51 Blessed AMVs

00:54:19 Getting back on Track

00:55:30 Kingdom Hearts 2.0

00:59:12 Our Favs

01:05:30 Final Thoughts

01:11:36 Outro

Utada Youtube Playlist

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By Natalia