The Noonas are back with another edition of what they’ve been watching this November. From alpha racers, to sweet musicians, to pilots, to reluctant stepbrothers they’ve run a gamut of shows they want to tell you about! Which ones will you want to check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:14 Stay With Me
00:09:13 Say you Love Me
00:22:33 Twinkling Watermelon
00:40:53 Pit Babe
00:52:53 Perfect Marriage Revenge
01:03:43 Angel Flight
01:14:13 My Dearest
01:28:32 we go fast on trust
01:38:26 Roundup NataliaLast Twilight, I went to a Mixer without Women, My Dear Gangster Oppa, My Husky Boyfriend, You are Mine, The Wedding Contract
01:52:23 Roundup Jessie– Welcome to the Occult Forest, Virgin Love, If it’s With You, Our Dining Table, Revenant, High Cookie
02:02:18 Roundup SkyBeautiful Gong Shim, The Fearless, Snow Lotus Flower, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, A Good Day to be a Dog, Moon in the Day, the Matchmakers, The Con Artists
02:14:30 Roundup AmandaSumo do Sumo Don’t, Family the Unbreakable Bond, Hunger, Rising with the Wind, Only for Love
02:23:25 Outro

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By Natalia