Jessie and Natalia are back for another bloody good time, this time with the newest season of the Monster Madness Netflix KDrama “Sweet Home 2“. Did they love it as much as they loved the first season? Did it live up to their expectations? Was there Love in the Apocalypse? 

Listen to find out! 

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:45 Spoiler Warning
00:03:08 Getting up to Speed
00:09:57 The New Season Begins
00:13:54 The Trilogy Middle
00:19:32 A Divided Society
00:20:55 Natalia’s Big Ick
00:21:25 Poor Lil Monster Boy
00:22:36 The Real Issue
00:25:49 A New Face
00:30:16 Natalia’s Big Ick 2
00:30:35 Expanding the Lore
00:32:33 Natalia’s Big Ick 3
00:33:40 Waiting for More
00:37:35 Comic Questions
00:38:46 You know his Work
00:41:47 Another One
00:44:12 Butt Quotient
00:50:00 Finding Love at the End of the World
00:52:02 There’s always a cult
00:55:19 Final Thoughts
01:00:05 Outro

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By Natalia

2 thoughts on “Certified Hit List: Sweet Home 2”
  1. Natalia, can you please link your 10 rated dramalist from mydramalist here please.
    Love you gals and amazed by your consistency!

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