The Noonas are here to chat yet again about the shows they’ve had their eyes on this December! They’ve got quite a Selection this month, from Cheery Office Jdramas to Demonic Kdramas to Romantic Cdramas and everything in between! Check it out to find your next watch!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:29 Last Twilight
00:09:38 Wonderhatch
00:19:21 My Plus Sized Misadventures in Love
00:32:08 Missing 9
00:47:16 To the Moon and Back
00:57:14 Sunshine by My Side
01:07:47 Graceful Family
01:11:34 Graceful Family Spoiler
01:14:28 Spoiler End
01:17:19 My Demon
01:26:10 Speed Round Amanda – Perfect Marriage Revenge, Family the Unbreakable Bond
01:31:09 Speed Round Sky- Love Attack, Suungjapbang, Baby Vamp Blues, My Man is Cupid, Death’s Game
01:48:59 Speed Round Natalia – Castaway Diva, Sweet Home 2, My Dear Gangster Oppa, I went to a Mixer with No Women, Park’s Marriage Contract, Good Day to be a Dog, Delightfully Deceitful, Pitbabe, Middleman’s Love, 18-Sai Nizuma Furin Shimasu, Cherry Magic Thailand
01:57:05 Speed Round Jessie- Semantic Error, Silent, I Cannot Reach You, Marriage with me seriously?
02:00:32 Outro

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By Natalia