The Newsnas are Back with some more fresh and funky news stories from the Asian entertainment world that they found interesting. From Military Enlistments to the newest in Delulu Shenanigans, they’ve got you covered. Listen to find out what news articles have been sticking in their minds this month! 

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:26 Military Enlistments
00:10:03 Kpop Group Changes
00:16:13 Yuzuru Hanyu Divorce
00:21:11 Netflix Makes some Label Changes
00:27:28 New Union Just Dropped
00:34:33 Haechan, the people’s Hero
00:37:07 Got7 Boys Make Good
00:42:06 Japan and Korea Working Together
00:45:44 Kpop Kdrama Crossovers
00:49:32 Heartwarming Hero Content
00:54:27 New Seasons
00:58:39 Ateez Accomplishments
01:06:30 North Korean Kpop Idols
01:07:59 TAN Goes to the Moon
01:10:38 My Dearest Sweeps Awards
01:12:37 We were all Having Fun
01:21:36 Outro

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By Natalia