Time for another edition of the Newsnas: from fujoshi victories, to new shows, to political interest pieces, to exciting returns! Listen to find out what interesting Asian Entertainment stories piqued the ladies’ interest recently!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:49 Enlistment Updates
00:02:18 Group Changes
00:04:36 Glass Heart
00:09:57 Fujoshi’s always Win
00:19:32 Navillera the Musical
00:22:03 Yumi’s Cells movie
00:24:18 SLL Selling Drama Remakes
00:26:09 Hanteo Music Shebacle
00:33:14 Thai Marriage Equality inches forwards
00:34:31 Chungha Returns
00:37:45 Jewel in the Palace
00:42:32 Natalia’s Thai BL Gossip Corner
00:50:19 FNC finds a new band
00:51:13 Dispatch Needs to Chill
01:02:18 Highschool Return of a Gangster
01:14:17 Taiwan and Thailand Unite for BL
01:18:16 Worker Safety Violations
01:20:59 Idol Counselling
01:21:53 Yoshiki making Moves
01:23:19 Taeyong goes on a Quest
01:27:56 Outro

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By Natalia