The Noonas are kicking off the New Year with a look forward and back, sharing their favs from 2023 and their resolutions and ideas for 2024. What Dramas and Music had a hold on them last year, and what are they looking forward to in the new year? And did they come up with another drama watching challenge they and their listeners can do together? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:36 Our Drama Watching in 2023
00:14:39 Top Dramas 2023
– Amanda’s Dramas: To the Moon and Back, Meet Yourself, Perfect Marriage Revenge
– Jessie’s Dramas: Eighth Sense, Revenant, Connect
– Natalia’s Dramas: Unlock my Boss, Moving, Our Dining Table
– Sky’s Dramas: My Dearest, Moving, Twinkling Watermelon
– Extra Picks: May I Help You, Hit The Spot, The Princess and the Werewolf, Call it Love
00:32:19 Top Music 2023
00:40:34 Drama Resolutions 2024
01:00:30 Personal Resolutions
01:13:51 Podcast Resolutions
01:18:55 Challenge Updates
-Top 12for12 Watches: Prime Minister and I, Mrs Cop, Scent of a Woman, Queen In Hyun’s Man
01:26:30 2024 Challenge
01:30:47 Putting stuff out Into the Universe
01:43:35 Outro

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By Natalia