The Noonas are here to talk one of their top Korean dramas of all time, Happiness! Why do they love it so much? What makes it so special to them? And why, even if you aren’t a fan of zombies, do they think you should watch it? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:02 The Airing Drama
00:06:45 Not Just a Zombie Show
00:11:45 The Story of Happiness
00:25:15 Natalia’s Zombie Yard Stick
00:27:59 Covid Parallels
00:29:28 Understandable Villains
00:31:56 A Somewhat Surprising Serial Killer
00:35:09 The Tragic Character of it All
00:40:09 Crisis doesn’t Change you
00:44:29 Community Killing Brainrot
00:47:33 Pandemic Humanity
00:56:04 Chekov’s Zombie
00:58:55 One Man Deserves Rights
01:10:04 Crew Shoutout
01:12:37 Military Cast Kudos
01:16:31 Accurate Child Writing
01:18:33 A Human Show
01:19:46 Final Thoughts
01:25:01 Outro

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By Natalia

One thought on “Certified Happiness: A Perfect Zombie Show”
  1. This was my first zombie show ever. I only watched for Park Hyung Sik (I will watch him in ANYTHING!). I ended up loving the show on its own merits. I want to be Sae Boem.

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