The Hit List is back and this time Sky joined Jessie and Natalia in watching the new KDrama on Hulu “A Shop For Killers“, starring Kim Hye Joon and everyone’s favourite uncle Lee Dong Wook. Did they enjoy this intriguing action show as much as they thought they would? Do they think people should check it out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:36 The Shop for Killers
00:15:35 A Villain Appears
00:22:05 Badass Lady
00:23:53 Talented Traitor
00:28:29 An Uncle Trying his Best
00:30:14 Your Thai Best Friend
00:32:12 The Basement Boy
00:35:28 The Shoutouts Continue
00:36:00 A Director You Know
00:39:35 The Niece of the Hour
00:42:09 Overcoming Watcher Prejudice
00:43:10 Sky’s Soapbox against Spoilers (With a Tagged Spoiler)
00:50:37 Outro

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By Natalia