It’s time yet again for the Noonas to reveal what dramas they’ve had their eyes on! This month we’ve got a selection of Asian Dramas from forbidden love, to time slip romance, to bloody revenge! Listen to find out what they’ve been checking out and maybe find your next binge!

Time Codes

00;00;00 Intro
00;02;03 Best Choice Ever
00;08;30 Beauty & Mr Romantic
00;29;07 Black Leather Notebook
00;36;18 Unknown
00;48;05 Restaurant to Another World
00;57;46 Lovely Runner
01;07;01 Tantei No Tantei
01;16;17 Speed Round
01;16;41 Natalia – You are Desire, New Life Beings, My Little Happiness, Beauty Newbie, City of Stars, Two Worlds
01;30;04 Amanda- One Piece, Bartender Glass of God, Highspeed Etoile
01;37;42 Sky- Suzume
01;42;03 Jessie- Sugar Sugar Honey, My Undead Yokai Girlfriend, Vampire Host, Night has Come, Destiny, Yokai Ningen Bem, House of Ninjas
01;49;43 Outro

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