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Certified Spoilers: 1000 Stars

Certified Lee Je Hoon

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Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:49 GMMTV YouTube Hack

05:10 ATEEZ’s Mingi Back

05:51 Korean Theatre Streaming on YouTube

09:03 New JYPE Girl Group Preorders 

13:03 EXO’s Xiumin Reality Show

15:00 ATEEZ Anime Characters

15:51 Cancelations 

18:13 Boyz II Men Promoting in Korea

20:14 Idols in Musicals

22:22 KCONTACT #7000

23:23 Enlistments

27:15 Studio Dragon and Sky Dance Television

28:21 Netflix Updates and Sweet Home S2

30:14 Oksu Station Ghost Casting

31:58 HA:TFELT Joins Task Force

33:09 Lee Je Hoon Establishes New Company

34:46 Thai Censorship Laws

38:08 A.C.E OST for Light on Me

41:09 KinnPorsche Cancelation

43:02 Best Mistake Wonpil Casting

44:12 The Rose Leaves Company

45:58 Master in the House Cast Changes

46:45 Thai Celebrities Fined

49:21 American Seoul

52:05 Hyungwon Cast in Web Drama

52:35 ASTRO’s JinJin Pentagon’s Kino Cover


57:36 The Olympics

01:12:30 Seoul Opera House

01:13:11 WHEEIN Drops RBW

01:14:21 Gameboys Movie

01:16:54 TS Entertainment Closed

01:18:46 Outro

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