Listen as we try discuss the career and filmography of the amazingly talented actress Bae Doo Na, but end up just crushing on her the entire time.

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Some of the dramas and movies we mentioned that we talk about are noted in the time codes below. There are no spoilers, but we do talk a little more extensively about those.

No need to thank us about Silent Sea. We know.

We talk about the website a bit in the episode. To find the list of Bae Doo Na works and where you can find them, check the list here.

We made a playlist of some videos of Bae Doo Na we think you should check out:

And a couple of written interviews:



Past Episodes Mentioned:

Certified Ashin of the North

Certified Persona

Time Codes

00:00 Intro

00:  Bae Doo Na intro

04:50 Background info and thoughts on her

32:54 Filmography

33:18 The Ring Virus

34:10 Filmography continued

40:44 Saving My Hubby

42:23 Filmography continued

43:03 Linda Linda Linda

44:12 The Host

48:33 Filmography continued

49:32 Master’s Study

53:02 Filmography continued

53:31 Cloud Atlas

59:18 A Girl At My Door

01:03:42 Jupiter Acending

01:05:56 Sense8

01:12:53 Filmography continued

01:14:04 Stranger

01:17:40 Drug King

01:20:25 Matrimonial Chaos

01:23:52 Kingdom

01:27:39 Persona

01:29:29 Filmography continued

01:31:10 Works coming up

01:35:38 Outro

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By Jessie