Another month has passed, and that means more dramas watched.

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Dramas mentioned (in order)


-Teen Wolf (American)

-Mad For You (kdrama) Netflix

-Hospital Playlist S2 (kdrama) Netflix

-Sebok (kmovie)

-Exit (kmovie)

-The Untamed (cdrama) Netflix, YouTube, Viki, Prime

-Monthly Magazine Home (kdrama) Netflix

-Don’t Say No (Thai drama) LineTV


-The Chair (American)

-Couple of Mirrors (cdrama) YouTube

-Lovers of the Red Sky (kdrama) Viki

-You Are My Glory (kdrama) WeTV, Tencent YouTube


-The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi (Filipino movie), Netflix

-The Witch’s Diner (kdrama), Viki

-Hometown Cha Cha Cha (kdrama) Netflix

-Couple of Mirrors 

-Ingenuity of the Househusband (jdrama) Netflix. More episodes are coming in October!

-Lovers of the Red Sky


-You Are My Spring (kdrama) Netflix

-Memorist (kdrama) Viki, Kocowa

-The Witch’s Diner 

-Blackout (thai drama) YouTube

-Beyond Evil (kdrama) Netflix

-The Guest (kdrama) Netflix

-Stranger 2 (kdrama) Netflix

-Tunnel (kdrama) Netflix

-Couple of Mirrors 

-Hospital Playlist 2 (kdrama) Netflix

-Bad Guys (kdrama) Netflix

-Double Tap (cdrama) YoYo YouTube


-Squid Game (kdrama) Netflix

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

02:51 Natalia’s List

15:14 Amanda’s List

24:07 Sky’s List

32:54 Jessie’s List

50:30 Outro

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By Jessie