What have the Noonas been watching in the month of November? Do they have any shows to recommend that they’ve been enjoying? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:25 Update on Lee Seung Gi

00:07:51 Summer Strike (Viki)

00:14:43 FanLetter Please (KoCoWa)

00:22:08 Ai Chan’s Secret (Viki)

00:28:31 Behind Every Star (Netflix)

00:36:15 Flipped (YouTube)

00:47:04 Gaus Electronics (Viki)

00:53:42 Fantasy High (YouTube)

00:56:27 Farming Academy (KoCoWa)

01:03:30 Devil Judge (Viki)

01:16:58 Roundup – Love in Your Eyes, 3 Bold Siblings, Between Us, GAP, My Tooth Your Love,

Choco Milk Shake, Big Dragon, Blind

01:23:03 Outro

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By Natalia