In a new segment tentatively dubbed Drama Gems, Amanda, Sky and Natalia present what they think are their personal gem of a show for the year 2022, and why they think you should check these gems out if you haven’t already! 

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro + What are Drama Gems?

00:03:49 DNA Says Love You (Viki IQIYI)

00:10:54 Slight Spoilers about DNA Says Love You (though if you watch the show past like episode 2 they’re pretty obvious spoilers)

00:18:10 Ideological Positioning in Shows can be a Good thing

00:30:29 We bring it back to DNA Says Love You

00:31:48 Ghost Doctor (Viki)

00:42:20 Reset (Viki)

00:58:45 Outro

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By Natalia