The four Noonas are reunited for their 2022 Retrospective episode where they talk their top dramas from various countries, their most surprising drama watch of the year, and of course which Drama captured their hearts the most? 

Listen to find out! 

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:03:14 Our Streaming Woes

00:11:50 Exposing our Watch Times with MyDramaList

00:25:02 – Dramas that Surprised us –

00:39:18 Around the Continent Begins

00:41:09 Taiwan

00:50:44 China (and a quick stop to the Philipines)

01:01:13 Japan

  • Old Fashioned Cupcake (Viki)
  • The Journalist (Netflix)
  • Takara-Kun to Amagi-Kun (Viki)
  • Full Time Wife Escapist (Viki)

01:15:03 Thailand

01:30:25 South Korea

01:40:44 Our Fav Shows from our Episodes this Year

01:42:42 Our New Artist we Discovered this Year

  • Mamadol
  • DIH
  • Tilly Birds
  • Billlie

01:47:17 Our Top Drama of the Year

  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix)
  • Through the Darkness (Kocowa)
  • Cutie Pie the Series (Viki)
  • Semantic Error (Viki)

01:58:15 Outro

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By Natalia