Three of the Noonas are here to discuss what we’ve had our eyeballs peeled for this December in another episode of What We’re Watching, including anime, movies, and dungeons and dragons? Oh my! Listen to see what’s got our attention! 

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:09 May I Help You (Prime)

00:11:01 Romantic Killer (Netflix)

00:15:29 The Gangster The Cop The Devil (Viki)

00:22:15 Smile to Life (Viki / Youtube)

00:30:46 Alchemy of Souls (Netflix)

00:39:55 You are my Makeup Artist

00:49:30 Love All Play (Disney+ )

01:00:05 Dimension 20: Neverafter (Dropout)

01:03:54 Big Mouth (Disney+ / Hulu)

01:13:23 Other Shows We’re Watching

01:27:39 Outro

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By Natalia