Jessie and Natalia team up again to chat horror with the Korean Drama Connect, streaming on Disney+ in Canada and Hulu in the states. Did it live up to their expectations? Did they enjoy the wild ride they decided to take? Tune in to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:43 Spoilers are Coming

00:04:26 The Sadsack- beware of the Mouse changing languages on you

00:09:12 Nude Statues of Death

00:14:39 Cops and “Writers”

00:17:24 Show Stealer Kyung Pyo

00:20:53 Kim Hye Joon bringing the unsettling noise

00:22:24 He’s just a Guy

00:27:25 Delightfully Tight Storytelling

00:30:09 S-Tier Just a Dude acting

00:33:24 Duality my Dude

00:36:27 Logistical Questions

00:41:46 The appropriate level of cop content

00:42:51 The Teeth are the Word

00:44:16 Xfiles Criminal Minds Fans Rejoice

00:45:22 Setting Yourself up for Failure or Success

00:49:14 Ratings Time

00:52:39 Outro

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By Natalia