Three of the Noonas are here to bring you some news pieces from around the Asian entertainment sphere. What happenings caught their notice since the last time they did a newsnas? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:05 Enlistments and Returns

00:05:30 Group Changes and Agency Moves

00:18:14 Romance, Babies, and a few Deaths

00:26:15 Netflix is doing Shenanigans

00:33:44 Busan Gets a New Motto

00:36:18 Hwisung Reigns Supreme on King of Masked Singer

00:37:14 Jellyfish Goes after Bad “Fan”

00:39:20 NamJoon deals with constant Privacy Violations

00:41:55 Source gets Denied

00:43:10 Marriage Hell (TW for Abuse)

00:49:55 Natalia’s Corner of Thai Entertainment Nonsense

00:54:50 Lee Joon Hyuk Creates the Cutest Game Ever

00:55:45 KARA Does a First

00:56:20 Yuta and Dori together at last

00:57:50 Japan and Korea move *slightly* closer to Gay Rights

00:59:51 Korea tries to make sexual assault laws stricter, and sadly fails

01:00:49 Tax Season means Auditing Shenanigans for Actors

01:04:53 It’s Remake Season Baby

01:06:58 Yoo Ah In in Trouble (TW for Substance Issues)

01:22:47 To Cheer us all up, Lucas is back in the public eye just in time for SM to Go Nuts

01:24:59 Outro

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By Natalia