The Noonas are back with their watch lists for May. Did anything stand out as excellent? Are there any choice Asian drama recommendations they want to share? Have any new gems been uncovered by their watching? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:05 Why Her

00:09:52 Lets Tug it

00:18:34 Call me Chihiro

00:24:02 The Love You Give Me

00:32:51 Black Knight

00:36:53 Race (also on hulu)

00:52:03 Jessie’s Stray Kids Corner

00:57:09 Love is Science?

01:02:29 Sky Gets Her Dog

01:03:07 The Untamed (Also on WeTv)

01:12:46 First Responders

01:21:47 Pride Month Charity Bundle

01:24:39 At a Distance, Spring is Green

01:31:55 Speed Round

01:46:35 Outro

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By Natalia