The Noonas are heralding in their favourite month ever: pride month! They’re chatting about what they’ve got on the docket for the month, as well as coming up with a brand new classification system for Asian BL dramas far more accurate than mere ratings could ever be.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:31 What we’re up to entertainment wise

00:18:35 Last Year’s Pride Episodes (Show of Pride, Noonas 101: BL)

00:21:41 Jessie’s limited Romance love

00:27:18 Watching Dramas through TikTok

00:34:05 Lets go Lesbians

00:47:44 Improvement to a broken Rating System

00:50:40 The Rainbow Classification System

01:04:18 Representation matters

01:10:17 System Suggestions

01:14:39 What’s Coming up in June

01:23:42 Outro

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By Natalia