Jessie and Natalia invited Sky to join them on the hit list for a special Pride Month episode where they watched (or rewatched) the Handmaiden: a thrilling tale of be lesbian do crime. The three talk about the movie and their feelings on it, but warning, there are many spoilers to be found in this here episode! Will Sky like this Korean movie as much as Jessie and Natalia did when they first watched it? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:42 Sky’s Expectations

00:09:10 Getting down to the Plot

00:17:17 The Beauty of the Film

00:18:50 The Creepy Uncle and his Freaky Sex Parties

00:23:57 Better than Revenge

00:32:02 Tensions and Dichotomies

00:41:03 People online make us laugh

00:45:23 Korea needs it’s own HBO

00:48:05 The Great Passport Escape

00:54:30 A Film made for Women

00:57:42 Final Thoughts

01:01:17 Outro

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By Natalia