Finally giving in, every member of the Noonas has watched the Untamed, and are here to talk about this Chinese Fantasy series filled with *longing*. How did Sky and Jessie react to their first watching of the 50 episode opus? Which character is each member of the noonas going to go into great detail about their love for? Can someone on this podcast give an accurate synopsis of the entire plot of the drama? Listen to find out! (Warning! Many a spoiler found inside!)

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:03:40 The Tiktok of it all

00:05:28 Different Versions

00:08:02 Perruquiers on Point

00:12:56 The Greatest Synopsis of the Untamed Ever given

00:20:08 The Boyfriends are all Boyfriends

00:25:51 Ladies Night

00:32:09 Colour Coded for your Convenience

00:34:26 Meet The Wens

00:42:36 Everyone Hates Wei Wuxian

00:51:30 Who’s Our Favourite Characters?

01:29:21 Making it Obvious for ya

01:35:57 What to watch after the Untamed (Word of Honour, The Mystic Nine, Guardian, Love like the Galaxy, Love between Fairy and Devil, Till the end of the Moon)

01:44:17 Bad Guys, Bad Actions

01:49:32 Final Thoughts

01:54:44 Outro

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By Natalia