Sky and Natalia are back again this week talking about the recent romcom Kdrama Wedding Impossible. Did they enjoy all twelve episodes of this character driven contract marriage show? Listen to find out their thoughts!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:09 Why is the Wedding Impossible
00:06:21 Enjoying Characters
00:17:17 Gramps Criticism
00:20:39 A cool second female lead
00:23:40 The Main Lady
00:25:14 A family
00:28:04 This shouldn’t be Polarizing
00:30:05 Writing and Directing
00:33:33 Maybe don’t binge
00:36:01 A pretty okay guy
00:39:23 A cute aside
00:40:16 Viki At it again
00:47:59 Character Driven, not Plot
00:52:04 Final thoughts
00:54:44 Outro

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By Natalia