This week Sky and Natalia sit down together to discuss the first two episodes of the Netflix KDrama “Queen of Tears.” What is the show about? What thoughts did they have about it? Are they going to keep watching? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:45 Another Natalia Synopsis
00:05:50 Going in Blind
00:07:52 Know the Vibes
00:11:33 The Makers
00:14:27 A Two Way Street
00:17:26 A Nosy Matchmaker
00:18:32 A Tale of 2 Families
00:20:26 Death Becomes her?
00:27:35 Switching POVs
00:33:05 He’ll Never Be free
00:34:51 A Suit interlude
00:35:44 Dodging Reveals
00:38:19 Whose Type of Show
00:46:20 The Actor Age Differences Continue
00:47:31 Predictions?
00:55:02 Outro

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